The West Side chapter of Hatzoloh Volunteer Ambulance Corps was established in 1985 to provide emergency medical service and emergency ambulance transport for residents of Manhattan’s Upper West Side. Our operative boundaries also include midtown Manhattan.

While established as a Jewish organization, supported by funds raised within the Jewish Community, and staffed by Orthodox Jewish Volunteers, West Side Hatzoloh nevertheless takes its communal responsibilities seriously and has never withheld its help from anyone who has either called its emergency number or flagged down one of its emergency vehicles.

West Side Hatzoloh maintains a close working relationship with our city’s uniformed services, and has earned the respect of the medical centers and emergency medical personnel with whom we come into daily contact. Our members are certified Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT’s) and Paramedics who undergo regular continuing medical education courses and receive New York State Certification every three years.

We can provide stickers with our emergency phone number to attach to your telephones for emergency reference. If someone in your home or business suffers and accident or has a serious medical emergency, call the number and the dispatcher will notify us by two-way radio.

Our members respond to emergency calls in their private vehicles, which are provided with trauma and oxygen equipment, and our ambulances are summoned as necessary.

If the emergency is acute and time is of the essence, we will provide transportation to the nearest appropriate emergency facility. If time and traffic conditions allows, we will provide transportation to a Manhattan hospital of the patient’s choice.

We hope that you will never need to use Hatzoloh, but should the occasion arise, you can be assured that we will be there to help.

Stickers may be requested by calling our business office at 212-874-1345. Leave your name and address on the answering machine and a sticker will be sent to you. This is not an emergency number.